Southern Oklahoma Supported Employment (SOSE) a branch of Sunshine Industries provides job development, job placement, job training and ongoing services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

SOSE assists individuals to find a job, learn job skills and keep a job in the community. The department also advocates for the individual at the job site. This includes accessing company benefits, taking advantage of social opportunities at the work place, as well as other job related issues. There is no charge to the individual or business for using the employment services of Sunshine Industries. If you would like information on SOSE, you can reply to Sunshine Industries or email SOSE directly at Sunshine Industries, Inc./SOSE is an Employment Network for the Ticket to Work & Self-Sufficiency Program offered by the social security administration.

What Can a Person With a Developmental Disability Do?

Be Dependable
Work Safely
Meet Production Standards
Receive Promotions
Fit in With Co-workers
Improve Working Conditions
Offer Excellent Customer Service
Be A Good Employee

Southern Oklahoma Supported Employment
An affiliate of Sunshine Industries, Inc.
25 B SW
PO Box 1729
(580) 226-WORK (9675)
Fax: (580) 223-2511
Department Director: Sherry Henderson